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The Sustainable Economy Association is an international non-profit organization, founded in 2016 in Bruxelles, developed in Italy starting from Trentino and Sardinia. S.E.A. later spread its network all over Europe and North Africa, with one main goal: shaping the economy of the future. How? Boosting investments and research in sustainable technologies, low carbon solutions, environmental projects and adjusting corporate strategies – to create a healthier planet.

Sustainable Economy


We promote the application of new environment-friendly technologies through conferences, workshops and international research partnerships in Europe and Africa. We act as a best practice booster for the political decision makers, for SMEs and for the industrial sector. From 2017 we started experimenting, with the support of european and private contributions, innovative solutions to fight the desertification in North Africa trying to reduce at the same time the global carbon footprint.

Sustainable Economy


We collect the needs of the citizens and aggregate them thanks to our international and interregional network, and we represent them during the legislative process both in Europe and Africa. Thanks to a solid team of international experts, researchers, economists, and political analysts with a common vision of the future, we produce position papers and present them at the right time in the international and local institutions.

Sustainable Economy

The “Sustainable Economy Association” is only five years old, but is emerging through the main european policy-making networks on environment, sustainable development and circular economy.


Industrial Decarbonization
Sustainable Mobility
Waste Management
Circular Economy



Sustainable Energy and Waste Solutions
Sustainable technologies
Agricultural innovation


South America

Fight against deforestation
Waste water filtering
Rivers protection
Sustainable waste management
Industrial emissions reduction


S.E.A. cooperates with SMEs (small and medium enterprises) and with the industrial sector to face the main sustainability challenges by creating and proposing innovative solutions that protect the environment and health. S.E.A. promotes international research and development partnerships in Europe and Africa, acting as a best practice booster in the main economic sectors.


S.E.A. supports companies around Europe to understand how the ongoing legislation on environment can impact on their business models and how companies can transform a risk into an asset. S.E.A. also help understanding how companies can impact on the environment with strategic changes in the use of internal resources, energy consume and better habits.

Sustainable Economy


We present environment friendly solutions for the industrial sector that allow to reduce pollution without impacting on the company turnover. We also provide specific recommendations to improve energy efficiency, reduce CO₂ emissions, increase renewable energy and improve power grid functionality to deliver clean, affordable energy to businesses and local communities.

Sustainable Economy


S.E.A. helps companies understanding their current impact on environment from all possible points of view. We plan together a step by step path towards sustainability that brings to the implementation of an internal compliance document and a specific board of auditors. This allows the company to keep the straight line in the medium-long term and to plan the further steps for a green growth.

Sustainable Economy


S.E.A. brings together global investors and other market actors to engage companies in recognizing the risks and opportunities of the ongoing energy transition from fossil fuels to renewable energies. We help companies to adapt their strategies taking into account new changing factors that impact on the economic convenience of implementing green technologies.

Sustainable Economy

“In 2018 Sustainable Economy Europe has contributed with technical- legislative proposals to the implementation of the current national regulation on rail mobility in Italy with specific referrals towards a necessary transition to alternative fuels”.