About Us

Who we are

The Sustainable Economy Association is an international non-profit organization, founded in 2016 in Bruxelles, developed in Italy starting from Trentino and later spread with its network all over Europe and North Africa with one main goal: shaping the economy of the future. How? Boosting investments and research in sustainable technologies, low carbon solutions, environmental projects and adjusting corporate strategies – to create a healthier planet.

What we do

We promote the application of new environment-friendly technologies through conferences, workshops and international research partnerships in Europe and Africa. We act as a best practice booster for the political decision makers, for SMEs and for the industrial sector. From 2017 we started experimenting, with the support of european and private contributions, innovative solutions to fight the desertification in North Africa trying to reduce at the same time the global carbon footprint.

Giulia Moi

Honorary President

Giulia Moi

Biologist and environmental activist. Former Member of the European Parliament focused on agricultural and environmental issues. Giulia Moi is a well-known Italian fighter for environment who doesn’t fear to publicly criticize and attack big corporations and institutions when needed. Her main political challenge is to find the best compromise possible between environmental protection, economic growth and employment.

  • Biologist and environmental activist;
  • Member of the European Parliament (2014-2019) – Member of the ENVI Committee (Environment, Public Health and Food Safety), AGRI (for Agricultural and rural development) and TRAN (for Transports and Tourism). Also member of the European Delegation for the relations with the United States of America, India, Mexico and South America;
  • PhD at King’s College London on discovery and development of new drugs;
  • Leonardo da Vinci EU’s grant researcher at the St. Bartholomew’s Hospital and Royal Queen Mary University, London;
  • Erasmus EU’s grant student at the “Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille”;
  • Bachelor in Biology (new system) at the University of Biological Science Cagliari;
  • Classical High School “S.G. Calasanzio”.

Luca Bazzanella


Business consultant and entrepreneur with a background inside the EU Institutions. Focused on aided finance, business internationalization and public policy in Italy, Belgium and North Africa. From 2018 also shareholder of a Moroccan company that works on business development in North Africa of new sustainable technologies: renewables, electric mobility and waste management solutions. Since always interested in finding the correct compromise between business and social purpose.

  • European Policy Advisor of Confcommercio Trentino;
  • Founder of the advisors network “EMI – Business Consulting & Public Affairs”;
  • European Parliament, office of the head of EPP Group Italian Delegation, Brussels, Belgium;
  • EPP Group in the European Parliament, Press and Media office, Brussels, Belgium;
  • Policy Advisor for the Regional Council Groups, Trentino Alto Adige, Italy;
  • Executive Master in Project Management, “SDA Bocconi”, Milan;
  • I° level Master in European Project Management, “EU Innovation Business School”, Bruxelles;
  • Economic Sciences, “G. Marconi Business School”, Rome;
  • Economics and Management, “University of Trento”.

Our Team


Giuseppe Milano

Senior Project Manager

Michele Gubert

Renewables and waste treatment

Sandra Endrizzi

International Cooperation

Simon Moutaouadia

Africa Relations


Press Office

Lorenza Di Gioia

Junior Innovation Manager

Chiara Bonadiman

Junior Marketing Manager

Advocacy & Institutional Meetings

Meeting with the VP of Chamber of Commerce, Washington, USA • 06/12/2017

Official meeting with Majorie Chorlins, VP (Vice President) of Chamber of Commerce, and the publishing, online commerce, delivery, food, chemical-ph...

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European Competition “Digital Smart City”

THE PROJECT The project “Digital & Smart City” is a futuristic concept of a virtual green city created by the Sustainable Economy Asso...

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Sustainable business or Un-sustainable hypocrisis?

The first appointment of our Executive Master in Business Sustainability is ongoing this morning in Brescia with professor Charles H. Cho: “Sust...

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Executive Master in Business Sustainability “Re-shaping Global Economics”

IL MASTER Questo percorso di alta formazione è strutturato per fornire a leader e manager sia di tradizionali aziende for profit che di organizzazion...

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Medicated Feed Dossier • Policy Report

To fight antimicrobial resistance. How? Banning the use of antimicrobials in medicated feed for prophylaxis and growth promotion; Restricting the vete...

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Celebration of Thanksgiving Day at the USA Embassy in Bruxelles, Belgium • 20/11/2017

Institutional invitation at the United States Embassy in the European Parliament to celebrate the Thanksgiving Day....

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“Cooperation project 2” International Conference • 18/10/2018

Partecipation to the International Conference “Cooperation Project 2”, funded by the European Commission and OLAF (European Anti-Fraud Off...

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Celebration at the Israeli Embassy, 70th year of independence, Rome, Italy • 04/06/2018

Official invitation from the Israeli Ambassador to Rome, Ofer Sachs, for the celebration of 70th year of Israel independence....

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Sustainable Finance debate with the European Episcopal Conferences, EU Parliament, Bruxelles – 25/04/2018

Meeting with the representatives of the European Episcopal Conferences to discuss the latest EU legislative initiative on sustainable finance. Issues ...

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Trilogue: EU regulation on “medicated feed”, Bruxelles, Belgium • 19/06/2018

Meetings with the institutional stakeholders during the trilogue to find a compromise on the dossier “medicated feed”. Important issue that will i...

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Women Economic Forum, New Delhi, India • 3/05/2018

Participation in the official EU board, at the annual event organized in New Delhi by W.E.F. (Women Economic Forum)....

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International monitoring committee for the 2018 Presidential elections Bogotá, Colombia – 29/05/2018

Part of the delegation sent from Europe to Bogotà to control the democratic nature of the vote during the 2018 Presidential Elections. Meeting with C...

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Meeting with the Nobel Price for peace and President of the Republic of Colombia, Bogotà • 26/05/2018

Meeting between Giulia Moi, honorary president of “Sustainable Europe” and Mr. Juan Manuel Santos, President of the Republic of Colombia and Nobel...

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Italian ambassador to India, New Dehli, India • 30/04/2018

Meeting at the Italian Embassy in New Deli with Mr. Lorenzo Angeloni. Issue in question: air pollution linked to population growth and to the industri...

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Meeting with F.A.O. (Food and Agriculture Organization) director, New York, USA • 01/12/2017

Official meeting in New York with the FAO director (International Organization for Food and Agriculture). Issue in question: European situation on the...

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Meeting with the Commissioner of DG Environment Aurel Ciobanu Dordea, Bruxelles, Belgium – 26/04/2017

Meeting with Aurel Ciobanu, Commissioner of DG Environment, to tackle the issue of waste management in Italy in particular possible solutions for “p...

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Meeting at the EU embassy in Mexico City, Mexico • 21/02/2017

Meeting with Andrew Standley, Ambassador of the European Union in Mexico. Issue discussed: political situation, environmental challenges and sustainab...

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Meeting with the “German Marshall Fund” Think Tank representative • 9/12/2016

Meeting at Office of the United States Trade Representative in Washington DC, with Reta Jo Lewis, former Washington mayoral candidate, Director of Co...

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Conversion of the RWM ammunition production facility, meeting with the Italian representative at UN, New York, USA

Meeting with Mr. Sebastiano Cardi, to discuss about the opportunity of industrial conversion of the RWM explosive warheads and ammunition production f...

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Meeting with Food and Drug Administration, opinion on the safety of food from cloned animals, Washington DC, USA • 08/11/2016

Meeting in Washington with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Issue in question: cloning food dossier discussed in the European Institutions. FD...

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Novel Food Dossier • Policy Report

Posizioni e obiettivi sui quali Sustainable Economy Europe concorda: To simplify the steps of pre-market authorisation, making the process more appeal...

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Cloning Food Dossier • Policy Report

Positions and objectives with which Sustainable Economy Europe agrees: 1.     To avoid the commercial use of cloned meat in the EU and to propose ...

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Environmental Projects

Green Desert Project • Morocco 2020/2022
Circular economy and fruit processing • 20/05/2017

Sustainable fruit processing plant in Cordova. The challenge is to apply a circular economy approach to fruit production, transport, processing and sa...

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From abandoned land to cooperative farming, Cordova, Spain

With the management of Covap, a sustainable and innovative dairy cooperative in Cordova, Spain. The project managed to recover abandoned lands at risk...

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Meeting at the Aerospace Research Center of Porto Alegre, Brazil • 27/12/2017

Meeting with the director and the researchers of the Aerospace Research Center in Porto Alegre, Brazil that closely cooperates with NASA in developing...

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“Sustainable Morocco” Project, Chichaoua, Morocco • July 2017

International cooperation action carried on in Morocco together with “S.E.A.” Sustainable Economy Association. The project is focused on exchange ...

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Sustainable aquaculture, Seville, Spain • 17/05/2016

Meeting with the director of Veta La Palma sustainable estate in Seviglia, Spain and visit to the reclaimed area. Linked with the rivers Guadalquivir ...

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Sludge treatment plant – San Teodoro, Sassari, Italy • 9/04/2015 / 2016

The issue was brought to our attention by local environmental activists in direct contact with out italian honorary president and citizens from San Te...

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