European Competition “Digital Smart City”

European Competition “Digital Smart City”


The project “Digital & Smart City” is a futuristic concept of a virtual green city created by the Sustainable Economy Association for the #EUvsVirus hackathon. The project aims to create a virtual city based on a real one where each user can move around like in a basic video-game and interact with the main buildings, shops, institutions and touristic services. The first virtual city will be the city of Trento, north Italy, that will be made interactive, in connection with real activities, thanks to the Sustainable Economy Association network. The project is made with the programming languages Javascript and PHP plus graphic and design skills.


Our solution has two main societal impacts:

  1. The first one regards the users, who are currently changing their habits due to the lockdown and our virtual meetings will reinstate their sense of belonging with the local businesses
  2. The second one instead has a more commercial impact on the local businesses and public places, as our platform offers an alternative way to generate revenue and keep in touch with their existing costumers.
  3. Our ultimate goal is to encrease brand awareness and trust towards the shops that are currently closed due to the crisis, and make sure that the users will remember the brands once they will be open again for business. Another impact of our app, once we will expand beyond Trento and the Italian borders, will be the environmental aspect linked to the reduction of CO2 emissions due to the reduction of physical travel.

Our solution is much more than just an app. We are the missing link between the businesses and their customers during this crisis. The current situation has brought people, who feel isolated, to organise video calls with their friends and loved ones, providing an unmissable opportunity for businesses who could migrate their coffee shops online. Thanks to our virtual world, users will be transported to their favourite location and host meetings, coffee breaks, aperitives, events, meetups and much more, lifting their morale and enhancing their wellbeing. From the business point of view, our solution has a wider commercial impact, as it strengthens the relationship with their customers and provides an alternative revenue stream. At the moment, the only way for these businesses to keep in touch with their existing users is via e-mail or text message, but this is not enough. That’s why we propose an application where people can meet in a familiar environment, in the total comfort of their homes.

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